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Industrial Project - 4EU4PIN8

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    • Projects 240.0
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    ECTS 10.0


The main objective of the Industrial Project is to offer second-year students a first professional experience in order to implement an engineering approach to meet the specifications set by a client company and partner of the school.

This project concerns the development of experimental device (demonstrator, tests, validation), a technical feasibility study, a software program development or numerical simulations...

The school commits itself to an obligation of means but no results with respect to the industrial partner. Nevertheless, this type of project allows a real situation of the students with the constraints of the company. This involves applying the knowledge acquired during the courses, acquiring new knowledge related to the project and the themes addressed, and finally implementing a project management approach.




During the project, the students will have to organize themselves in order to carry out the following tasks:
· Understand the functional need expressed in the company's specifications
· Analyze this need and draft functional specifications.
· Write study specifications
· Design and develop the solution proposed and validated by the client
· Implement the taught project management method, ensure the planning of the tasks to be carried out and manage the resources, and in particular:
O Know how to manage a schedule and deadlines
O Manage the relationship with the client and the tutor (s) of the school
O Manage procurement and subcontracting of parts of the study as required
O Recipe the project deliverables with the company
O Seek the human resources needed for the successful implementation of the project
O Assist in planning technical work with relevant teams
· Ensure the transfer of knowledge and technology to the partner company at the end of the project.

At the end of the project, students must demonstrate their ability to manage a project and more generally their technical skills, and a professional behavior in accordance with the expectations of a future engineer.


No prerequisites


  • Specific credits: this course brings 11.0 ECTS to students in Year 1 Master Hydraulics and Civil Engineering (M1 HCE)
  • Specific credits: this course brings 12.0 ECTS to students in Year 1 Master Electrical Engineering for Smart Grids and Buildings (M1 SGB)

The students will have to implement a management of their project in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. They will therefore follow the course of project management proposed to the whole of the students of 2nd year (one lecture session and one TD).
Several reports will be provided to ensure the smooth operation:

  • Reporting 1 (mid-February): an oral presentation will ensure the students' understanding of the issues and expectations of the project. The industrial manager will not be present at this first session.
  • Reporting 2 (beginning of April): an oral presentation will assess the team's ability to organize and the progress of the project. A first project management note will be given to the students.
  • Reporting 3 (mid-May): an intermediate report and an oral presentation will allow mid-term evaluation of the progress of the project. A project note will be given to the students.
  • Final defense (end of June): this oral evaluation combined with the preparation of a final technical report for the industrialist and another project management report will close the industrial project. This final defense will be evaluated following the example of an end-of-studies project
    O a note accounting for 50% for the work done,
    O a grade of 25% for the quality of the report
    O a score of 25% for the quality of the presentation and the answers to the questions.

In parallel with these reporting or evaluation sessions, three meetings will be scheduled with all stakeholders during the project: a minimum, a kick-off meeting, an intermediate point with the client and a closing meeting at The outcome of the defense.

Evaluation of the project
Regular evaluations will be carried out throughout the project:

  • A first note counting for 10 ECTS, will correspond to the scores assigned to reports 2 and 3, with a respective weight (3 ECTS + 7 ECTS). This note will be included in the transcript of the semester 8.
  • A second note counting for 7 ECTS, will correspond to the final defense note. This note will be included in the transcript of semester 9.

CC 100%


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