Ense3 rubrique L'Ecole 2022


Innovation hub

The technological platforms of Ense3 have the mission to organise support for the modernisation of companies. They allow the symbiosis between training, research and industrial development, and are largely based on the dynamics of competitiveness clusters.


PREDIS is the innovation and training centre for distributed energy. It combines a synergy of skills around research, industry and training, and an infrastructure of technological means on decentralised and renewable production, intelligent management of networks and low consumption technologies. PREDIS is complementary between theoretical development, numerical simulation and experimental pilot.

PREDIS platforms related to energy disciplines:

  • Integrated Workshop of Automation 
  • Image and Signal for Energy and the Environment 
  • Monitoring and Intelligent Housing   
  • Decentralised Energy Production   

    And many others...

Discover Predis platforms (French only)


The MEE or M2E (Mechanics, Water and Environment) platforms include 5 platforms intended for the school's various training courses (Ense3, Masters and students from outside the school), and sometimes for research. Each of them has its own function, allowing the identification of water and sediment quality as well as the dynamic behaviour of structures. They are made up of their own industrial processes, but also of hydraulic and hydrolic machines.

The 5 MEE platforms are linked to the disciplines of mechanics and hydraulics:

  • Geomechanics, Structures, Structures Platform
  • Fluid Mechanics Platform
  • Industrial Mechanics Platform
  • Obs-Water Platform
  • Thermal Platform
Discover MEE plateforms (French only)

Key figures

  • 4500m2 of usable space for teaching/research platforms
  • 77,200 € investment for the MEE platform in 2020-2021
  • 309,224 investment for the PREDIS platform over 2020-2021

Important technological means

  • Specialised practical rooms for each platform
  • The roof of the building fitted out for experimentation
  • Shared technological platforms for teaching and research