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Corporate relations

Facts and Figures

  • 300 graduates per year
  • 8 Engineering specializations, 4 international Master’s programs
  • 36 weeks of mandatory internships
  • 11 research laboratories
  • 5000m² of teaching and research platforms and Fab Lab

A strong school–business relationship

Energy, water and environment are domains associated with a very rapidly growing demand in engineers and researchers from the companies all over the world. To meet these needs, our training is strongly linked with industry and research:
  • Businesses are strongly involved in our board of governors
  • Several courses and lectures are given by professionals from the industrial sector
  • A large part of the program takes place in businesses or laboratories during practical periods
  • We take full advantage of our large alumni network
  • We are strongly involved in industrial clusters aimed at promoting research and business spin-offs such as TENERRDIS cluster
  • A large part of our programs takes place on technical platforms and demonstrating facilities such as PREDIS where students, industries and laboratories work in synergy.

Recruit your future talents

Forum At Grenoble INP - Ense³, international mobility is a priority. We want all our students to gain experience abroad, either through an internship or a project. Our students learn to work in international and intercultural environments so that they are prepared to address the scientific, technological, and societal issues they will undoubtedly face once they become engineers.

By becoming a Grenoble INP - Ense3 partner, your company will get to know future generations of engineers and gain access to an up-and-coming talent pool for your future recruitment needs. You will have the opportunity to meet our students and recruit interns or young graduates.
 Type of placement  Year of Studies  Duration  Period
Summer  Internship  3rd year of undergraduate studies
 (BSc level)
 4-10 weeks  June -July-August
Summer  Internship
Bachelor Thesis
 4th year
(Master 1)
 2-3 months  June -July-August
End-of-studies  project
Master thesis
5th year
(Master 2)
5-6 months February - July

Post an engineering internship or job opportunity

Join Grenoble INP LinkedIn group for international recruiters and get the latest news, practical information, and answers to your questions about hiring our students and graduates!

Invest in the future of an international student

At Grenoble INP - Ense³ 25% of our students are international. They learn the engineering approaches and techniques taught in France and are immersed in Grenoble’s international-caliber research and innovation ecosystem. They can participate in special orientation activities and receive help getting settled in and they can take full advantage of the campus’ many sports, leisure, and volunteer opportunities.

You can donate to Grenoble INP Foundation merit-based scholarship program to offer financial support to a student registered in one of our four international Master’s programs:   

Work with our experts

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and Grenoble in particular, form one of Europe’s leading centers for science and technology. The Grenoble area is home to more than 1,300 research scientists and PhD students investigating topics within the scope of Grenoble INP - Ense³. The school's research faculty work at one of eleven international-caliber research labs.
  • Bring the know-how of a leading expert into your organization
  • Host a student project, supervised by an expert, in your business
  • Provide a PhD research topic for our scientists to work on
  • Set up an integrated, multi-partner research project at the European level


Contact us

The International Outreach and Partnerships team is on hand to discuss your expectations so that we can build a strong, long-term partnership that responds to your unique needs. We can also connect you with the departments, labs, or experts you need to start your project.