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Platforms and Fab Lab

Grenoble INP - Ense3 offers 5000m² of teaching and research platforms and Fab Labs.

Predis -  Energy innovation and training platform

Skills synergy in research, industry and training - Technological means infrastructure on decentralized and renewable production, intelligent network management and low consumption technologies.

M2E -  Mechanics, water and environment platform

It consists of 5 platforms enabling both water and sediment quality and the dynamic behavior of structures to be identified; they consist of their own industrial processes, as well as hydraulic and tidal machines.

Fab Lab                                                        

Spread over 500m2 and 3 rooms, equipment (machines, tools, material and intellectual resources) made available to both staff and students to enable production of an object, a prototype, proof of concept, etc.

Date of update May 10, 2022

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