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Culture and leisure

Grenoble is a city rich in history and culture. Many activities are offered to satisfy the curious, the passionate or even the lovers of history or adventure.

The Tourist Office website lists many places to discover and enjoy. Below are a few places that we like!


Grenoble Museum - Musée de Grenoble

Grenoble is home to one of the most prestigious museums in Europe, le Musée de Grenoble. Founded in 1798, it has a permanent collection of 900 paintings and sculptures and each year offers temporary exhibitions with a strong national and international impact.


La Bastille

La Bastille: A must for any visitor or Grenoble resident. Overlooking the city, the Bastille offers many activities to those who go there. For this purpose, there is a cable car ("Les bulles") that goes up in five minutes to an altitude of almost 500 metres. Inaugurated in 1934, it was the first urban cable car in France, before being transformed later into the "bubbles" that we know today. Alternatively, it is possible to go up by dedicated paths, which many pedestrians, runners and cyclists use to enjoy a rejuvenating stroll.


La MC2 : Maison de la Culture

The MC2 is a complex of four performance halls and rehearsal studios for creation, production and artistic dissemination with a national and international dimension that favours contemporary creation in all disciplines of the living arts (theatre, dance, music, circus).

La Belle Electrique

La Belle Electrique is a concert hall that offers an electro musique programme (amplified music), while leaving a large place to the local scene but also to the discovery of new artists. It can accommodate up to 900 people and also has a bar and a restaurant.