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Strong ties between research and training at Ense3

Our research fellows work in one of 11 research laboratories. These laboratories are involved in training our engineers, by proposing research projects, internships, research based-programs or Ph.D. thesis topics.

Carrying out an internship in a laboratory

Students from our partner institutions, in their 3rd year of a Bachelor's or Master's degree, can carry out a research internship in one of our 11 partner laboratories. In France, all internships over 2 months are paid. An internship agreement is mandatory in all cases. The duration of an internship in France cannot exceed 6 months.
Students enrolled in one of the school's four international Master's programs can also complete their 5-6 months internship in an industrial laboratory or research center.

Joining UGA Graduate School thematic programs (GS@UGA)

These programs offer specific high-level and research-based training on major scientific and/or societal challenges such us technological, natural and financial risks or energy transition. They provide students with the opportunity to be immersed in a stimulating scientific environment and give them an initial professional experience as member of a laboratory or research institute. Students can apply to these programs once they have been accepted in one of our Master’s programs.

Preparing a Ph.D

In France, the PhD is a research program resulting in the highest university degree. It is prepared over three years, or more depending on the discipline, after obtaining a Master's degree or equivalent diploma. It gives access to careers in public or private research, but also in all sectors that require a spirit of analysis and synthesis, rigor, autonomy, creativity, perseverance and the implementation of complex issues.
The Université Grenoble Alpes Doctoral College welcomes 3,000 PhD students, 47% of whom are international, in its 13 Doctoral Schools

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