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Our engineering & master degrees
Ecole nationale supérieure de l'Énergie, l'Eau et l'Environnement
Engineering school in energy, water and environment
Our engineering & master degrees
Our engineering & master degrees

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Master in Hydraulic and Civil Engineering

“By joining our program you will gain scientific and engineering knowledge required to implement projects for the sustainable use of water, learning about the design and modeling of hydraulic structures and the modeling of flows in rivers and networks.”

Prof. Gaël COMBE, Director of the int. Master HCE.

Why choose the Program

TP Capres Ense3
► Grenoble is the motherland of hydraulics
► Mastering water is a major concern world wide
► Small classes that promote good learning and high quality of the teaching
► The program gives a great opportunity of six months' internship in close connection with industry
► Cutting edge research environment


The master in Hydraulic and Civil Engineering offers, for the most able undergraduate students, a 20 month full time 120 ECTS state-of-art technical training in hydraulics, civil engineering, hydraulic works and infrastructures, hydrology, and water resources management.
Courses are made of:

Laboratory Works
BE (project work)

Internship or Master Thesis

The 9 laboratories at Ense³ regularly host international students performing / carrying out an internship or a master thesis. Students also have the alternatuve to complete their internship at a local industrial as well as abroad

Program sponsor: EDF, ENGIE, SUEZ, VEOLIA etc.

Practical information

To get involved in September 2023      ► Application will open here on the 17th of October 2022 .

  • You can apply at the 1st year of the master if you have a Bachelor degree in either Science (BSc) or Engineering (BEng) including courses in hydraulic, mechanical and civil Engineering
  • You can apply directly at the 2nd year of the master if you have a Master degree or a 4 years of higher education level
  • English language: you must have the equivalent of a B2 level and provide one of the following test: TOEFL IBT: 72 and upper  / TOEFL ITP: 543 and upper / TOEIC Listening and reading: 785 and upper / TOEIC speaking and writing : 160 and upper /  IELTS: 5.5 and upper
  • If English is your education language you do not need to provide a language test but you must provide a certificate from your university stating that English is the medium of instructions.
  • If you are native from an English-speaking country, you do not need to provide any document.

Tuition rates for academic year 2023/24

For European students (nationals of a member country of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Andorra or Switzerland) and for students from Quebec.
Tuition charges: €1,473 per year
For non EU-students
Tuition charges: €5,000 per year.
And before completing their administrative registration with a higher education institution, students will have to pay off €95 Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus (CVEC).

The students who reside in one of the following countries have also to apply throught the "Etudes en France" procedure:

Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, the Republic of the Congo, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Egypt, United States, Gabon, Guinea, Haïti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mauritania, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Taiwan, Tchad, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey and Vietnam.

Coming to study, “settling in” and living at Grenoble

Scholarships (for outstanding students only)
Tec21 PreDoc Grants : pre-doctoral scholarship program dedicated to attract brilliant students to prepare their second year of masters in one of the further education courses availiable in Grenoble. These scholarships amount to 8000 Euros per year. CampusFrance website : to find all the funding schemes available for your course in Grenoble on the
Rhône Alpes, Eiffel Scholarships : Find a scholarship to come and study at Grenoble INP.
(Eiffel Scholarship is very selective, we select student only if he/she is the valedictorian of the best university in his/her country). : Campus France Master's Excellent Grants

You can find information on :
The admission office will apply on your behalf to the IDEX scholarship programme. We therefore kindly ask you to refrain from sending a separate application to these programmes.


Leaflet : Master Hydraulic and Civil Engineering

Date of update February 27, 2023

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