Ense3 rubrique Formation 2022


  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 24.0
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials -
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works 36.0


    ECTS 5.0


Acquire the tools and technologies for monitoring the control of industrial systems control and electrical distribution networks as well as an introduction to application using databases: historical oversight, pricing, etc.


Stephane MOCANU


• Introduction to Automated Systems and Command Control
• Principle of action chains and acquiring information
• characterization of the problem of observability and the notion of doubt
• Presentation of the different architectures autonomous control systems
• Observability, Controllability, Reliability and Realism
• Complexity: Towards a hierarchy of command, the CIM
• Generic operating principle of such a model
• characterization of the notion of randomness operating
• Overview of different approaches to monitoring, integrated approaches to the separate approaches
• Implemented the theoretical model of CIM: old to new architectures, what about the major advantages and disadvantages
• SCADA systems, operating principles,

  • Architecture SCADA
  • Principle of Structuring Database
    • The different architectures SCADAS, pros and cons
    Real-time networks
    • Industrial Control Systems
    • Definitions
    • Networks versus current loop
    • Examples
    • Real-Time Embedded
    • Networking
    • Specific physical and MAC layers
    • AS-i / CAN
    • The Fieldbus
    • History and standards
    • MMS
    • FIP / Profibus / Modbus
    • Battery Schneider: FIPIO / XWAY / UNI-TE
    • Communications in Power Grids
    • Introduction
    • Protocols 60870 / DNP3 / 61850
    • Communication Supervision OPC
    • Introduction and Definition
    • Data Modeling to create a consistent database and quality
    - mcd
    - mld
    • Master the query languages ??Database
    - SQL
    • Security
    - Different access rights to a database
    - Filtering necessary in a 3-tier architecture
    • Application to automatism
    - Recording of data produced by a production line in a SQL database
    • Data Processing
    - Learn to use the data stored in the database
    - Ability to display this data on the web (html / php / css) for supervision, statistical data ...




DS 1 h, CC en T.P.

EN 80% + ER 20%


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Course ID : 5EUS5NTI
Course language(s): FR

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