Ense3 rubrique Formation 2022

IT Tools and optimization - 4EUS3ITO

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 14.0
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials -
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works 46.0


    ECTS 5.0


With the exception of the first session in which the representation of numbers in machine is addressed. The course is primarily a course on algorithms and optimization tools. The objective is to formulate an engineering problem as an optimization problem and to use existing algorithms to solve it. The course uses practical examples to illustrate the various concepts of the course.
The aim of the study is to illustrate the offices courses through realistic examples.




1 calculation error propagation in performance with a limited number of digits
2 Application exercises the conditions necessary optimality
3 Optimization of agricultural production (linear programming).
4 Optimal treatment of cancer by chemotherapy.
5 Identification of an environmental model predator / prey.


M6, M7


Session normale / First session
Evaluation non rattrapable (EN) / EN assessment : 10% Bureau d'étude Optimisation + 50% note Projet informatique / 10% Optimisation Lab + 50% IT project

Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment: épreuve écrite d'1h30 portant uniquement sur la partie optimisation / 1h30 written exam of the optimisation part

Si situation 100% distancielle / If distant learning mandatory:
Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment : Seulement la partie optimization : quelques exercices pendant les séances de cours, rapports de BE, un rapport de projet et une présentation orale / Only the optimization part: a few exercises in class, BE reports, a project report and an oral presentation.
Evaluation non rattrapable (EN) / EN assessment : la note de POO: 2 rapports (50%) + Projet programmation (50%) / 2 reports (50%) + Project (50%)

Session de rattrapage / Second session
La note obtenue remplace la note de ER / Another exam will replace the first one (ER)
Le EN n'est pas rattrapable / No retake for EN

EN 60% + ER 40%

The exam is given in english only FR


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Additional Information

Course ID : 4EUS3ITO
Course language(s): FR

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  • LINEAR PROGRAMMING (Foundations and Extensions), Robert J. Vanderlei.
  • A First Course in Linear Optimization, John lee.