Ense3 rubrique Formation 2022

Foreign Language 3 - 3EUS5LV3

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    • Tutorials 24.0
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    ECTS 1.0


Objectives of the 2nd & 3rd language courses
• To reinforce and develop the 4 basic linguistic skills, which will provide the tools to communicate in international and varied academic, personal or professional environments.
• To reinforce and develop the tools of intercultural understanding, to enable students to engage in cultural open-mindedness and international interaction, discover the cultural diversity borne by the language
• To enable students to develop the means to continue their learning process while favouring autonomy and responsibility in that process.


Christine SCHMIDT


The various topics (society, arts, etc.) will be integrated in a multi-disciplinary approach (history, politics, social, etc.) and the oral and written communication and interaction skills will be reinforced, within the objectives mentioned above.


None. All levels can be taught.


Continuous assessment, depending on the teacher's own organisation.

EN 100%


The course exists in the following branches:

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Course ID : 3EUS5LV3
Course language(s): FR

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