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Aerodynamics and Combustion - 5EUS5AIE

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 36.0
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials 20.0
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works -


    ECTS 5.0


The module is structured around 2 courses: “Applied aerodynamics”, dedicated to the external aerodynamics and “Combustion”.


Laurent JOSSIC


Applied aerodynamics
Objective: The course goes through all the basic concepts of aerodynamics for engineers, focusing on the external aerodynamics of aircraft.

Content: Aerodynamic forces. Aerodynamic characteristic of aircraft. Shockwaves. Transonic flows. Swept wing. Delta wing. Boundary layer. Hyperlift. Air intakes. Challenges of current warplanes. Aerodynamics outside aircraft.

The course of combustion presents the fundamental principles of combustion, with an application to aerospace propulsion


Modélisation et analyse d’écoulements 1
Modélisation et analyse d’écoulements 2,
Heat and Mass transfers


  • Specific credits: this course brings 6.0 ECTS to students in Year 2 Master Fluid Mechanics and Energetics (M2 FME)

Session normale / First session
Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment : devoir surveillé écrit de 3h (1H30 aéro / 1H30 combustion) / 3h written exam (1h30 aero + 1h30 combustion)
Evaluation non rattrapable (EN) / EN assessment : 2 devoirs de maison (1 en aéro + 1 en combustion) / 2 homeworks (1 aero + 1 combustion)

Si situation 100% distancielle / If remote situation:
Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment : 3h d'examen écrit à  distance (1H30 aéro / 1H30 combustion) / 3h written exam
Evaluation non rattrapable (EN) /EN assessment : 2 devoirs de maison (1 en aéro + 1 en combustion) / 2 homeworks
Session de rattrapage / Second session
Devoir surveillé écrit de 2h (1H aéro / 1H combustion) / 2h written exam (1h aero + 1h combustion)

EN 30% + ER 70%

The exam is given in english only FR


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Course ID : 5EUS5AIE
Course language(s): FR

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