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Power Electronics Semiconductor Devices - 5EU9PES9

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 14.0
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    • Tutorials 14.0
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    • Laboratory works 32.0


    ECTS 5.0


The design of a power electronics converter is not easy. In fact, lots of physical constraints have to be taken into account to use power semiconductor devices in optimal conditions.

In this teaching module, we present the physical basis of semiconductor devices. Then we study how to drive, and to integrate them in a switching cell (routing rules).

To go above the "silicon" technology, we propose to introduce SiC and GaN devices such SiC-MOSFET and HEMT-GaN : they induce a huge increase of the switching speed and/or the breakdown voltage.




1. Semiconductors devices
• solid-state physics : introduction, principles, basics, modelling, comparaison
• Si, SiC, GaN : comparaisons

2. Power switches
• classical power switches : from silicon to power switches (MOSFET & IGBT)
• static and dynamic behavior (MOSFET & IGBT)
• new components : SiC-MOSFET & HEMT-GaN (switching speed, breakdown voltage)

3. Gate drivers
• gate drivers functions : signal & power transmissions, buffer, protections
• architectures des gate drivers architectures and common mode current, series-connection

4. Switching cell
• electrical behavior of a switching cell : modelling
• parasitic elements of the layout
• sizing and modelling of the passive components


« Power electronics » IEE2
« Materials for electrical engineering » IEE2


CT : evaluation of the knowledge acquired in the module (2 hours)

CC : evaluation during the BE and the pratices

ER 50% + EN 50%

The exam is given in english only FR


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