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Our engineering & master degrees
Our engineering & master degrees

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Natural Hazards and Soil Improvements - 5EUS5RNC

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 27.0
    • Tutorials : 3.0
    • Laboratory works : 28.0
    • Projects : -
    • Internship : -
    ECTS : 5.0
  • Officials : Fabrice EMERIAULT


• To understand the tools used for defining the regional and local seismic hazard
• Advanced knowledge of soil dynamics and the associated mechanical phenomena (including liquefaction)
• To know how to design a structure considering the seismic hazard (including dams, natural slopes, retaining structures and foundations)
• Knowledge of physical and mechanical phenomena at the origin of gravity risk (landslide, rock fall, avalanche)
• To understand the behavior of unsaturated soils and the impact on the stability of structures or natural slopes
• Knowledge of the main techniques used for improving soil and the design of protective structures


This course provides an overview of the issues natural hazards and climate change on the stability of structures (especially related to the transition between unsaturated and saturated soil). It covers in particular the seismic risk and the slope stability. The physical and mechanical phenomena induced in the soil and structures are addressed. The consequences in terms of stability of structures and natural slopes are analyzed. Finally the techniques usually used for risk mitigation (including soil improvement or installation of protective structures) are identified and discussed in more depth in the context of a design project.


Soil and rock mechanics, groundwater flow, rheology, structural dynamics.


  • Specific credits: this course brings 6.0 ECTS to students in Year 2 Master Hydraulics and Civil Engineering (M2 HCE)

Session normale / First session
Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment : devoir surveillé écrit de 3h / 3 hours supervised written exam
Evaluation non rattrapable (EN) / EN assessment : rapports de projet/BE sismique et renforcement sol + présentations orales sur les thèmes Avalanches et coulées boueuses et Sismique/ reports for the projects/BE on earthquake engineering and soil reinforcement + oral presentations on the topics of Avalanches and mud flows and Earthquake engineering

Session de rattrapage / Second session
ER : la note obtenue en session 2 remplace la note ER session 1 / new examination to replace ER assessment
EN : Evaluation non rattrapable / EN assessment: Retaking this assessment is not possible

Moyenne de l'UE / Course Unit assessment = ER 50% + EN 50%

The exam is given in english only FR


The course exists in the following branches:

see the course schedule for 2022-2023

Additional Information

Course ID : 5EUS5RNC
Course language(s): FR

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Date of update February 8, 2017

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