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Mechanical Systems - 3EUS1SMC

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 6.0
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials 22.0
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works 24.0


    ECTS 5.0


Aim :
Provide basic theoretical background as well as bases of the methodology applied in a mechanical design process.
Theoretical aspects introduced in Mechanics and Materials and Processes lectures are put into practice during the lab work Products.


Stephane GUILLET


Content :
Newtonian mechanics:
Kinematics: velocity field of a rigid body, linkages – Kinetics: momentum, angular momentum, inertia tensor, kinetic energy – Dynamics: Newton laws of motion, potential energy, power – Analytical mechanics: principle of virtual power, Lagrange equations.

Product design:
Functional analysis – Basics in CAD modeling – Kinematic sketches – Basics of standardized tolerancing.

Production Processes and materials:
Families and classes of materials, Forming properties, In-use properties, Classes of production processes, Forming and assembly processes, Materials/processes compatibility.

Newton laws of motion, Energy methods, Principle of virtual power, Lagrange equations.
Functional Analysis, Sketching, modeling in Computer Aided Design.
Families and classes of materials and production processes.


No prerequisites


Session normale / First session :

Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment :
Devoir surveillé écrit de 2h30 (Mécanique Générale) / 2,5 hours supervised written exam (Theoretical Mechanics)
Evaluation non rattrapable (EN) / EN assessment : Exposé de BE / Lab oral presentation

Si situation 100% distancielle / If distant learning mandatory :

Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment : 2h30 d'examen écrit à distance (Mécanique Générale) / 2,5 hours distant written exam.
Evaluation non rattrapable (EN) / EN assessment : Exposé de BE / Online lab oral presentation.

Session de rattrapage / Second session :
EN : Evaluation non rattrapable / EN assessment: Retaking this assessment is not possible.

Moyenne de l'UE / Course Unit assessment = ER 50% + EN 50%

ER 50% + EN 50%


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Course ID : 3EUS1SMC
Course language(s): FR

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  • Précis de matières plastiques - Édition 2006 - Structures-propriétés, mise en oeuvre, normalisation
    Auteurs : A. Dobraczinsky, M. Piperaud, J.-P. Trotignon, J. Verdu