Ense3 rubrique Formation 2022

Foreign Language 2 - 3EU1LV26

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    • Tutorials 24.0
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    ECTS 1.0


  • To reinforce and develop the 4 basic linguistic skills, so as to acquire the necessary tools to communicate effectively in an academic, private, professional international environment.
  • To reinforce and develop the intercultural tools which will enable the students to acquire cultural awareness and approach international situations, discover the cultural diversity united by the language.
  • To enable students to develop the means to continue their learning process while favoring autonomy and responsibility in the process
  • Approaching various subjects (society, cinema, literature, music…) from a multidisciplinary angle (history, geography, politics, society).


Christine SCHMIDT


To enable students to activate or re-activate their (mainly academic) knowledge for them to have a tool that they can actually use, both in the private and professional life. The major axis is communication.
The course will offer students the possibility to train in the 4 linguistic skills through all means and media available (drama, pair work, group work, presentations, debates, etc.).
All activities will participate in the development of the knowledge of the language and the associated countries, depending on the level and aspirations of the group (everyday life, culture, civilization, communication, economy and business, etc.).


None – students are in level groups.


Continuous assessment.

EN 100%


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Course ID : 3EU1LV26
Course language(s): FR

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