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Advanced structures of power electronics converters - 5EUS5SAC

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures 19.0
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials 21.0
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works 20.0
    • Written tests -


    ECTS 5.0


Improved skills on power electronics and on power semi-conductor's switches. Advanced Power Converters Topologies are presented as : Multicell converters, Quasi-Resonant power supply, ... Physics of semi-conductors (Si, SiC and GaN) and drivers association are pointed out.
• Power electronics Structures
• Quasi-resonant and Resonant converters
• Drivers and semiconductors




Lectures and Tutorials : Advanced power electronic converters
Topics covered include:
• Power electronics Structures :
• Power Factor Correction (PFC)
• Review of Current and Voltage Rectifiers associated in parallel and series
• AC-AC bi-directionnal converters topologies
• Multicell power converters
• Quasi-resonant and Resonant converters :
• Quasi-Resonant Swtich Cell
• Zero Current and Zero Voltage Switching Modes
• QR Power Supply
• ARCP Power inverter (Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole)
• Resonant Mode Converter Topologies :
• Application to wireless power transmission
• Drivers and semiconductors :
• Physics of power semiconductor devices
• Unipolar and Bipolar switches
• Si, SiC and GaN power semiconductors
• Drivers and semiconductors association


UE 4EUS3ELP Power Electronics


Session normale / First session
ER = évaluation rattrapable / ER assessment : un examen de TP / one practical exam + un examen écrit en séance / supervised written exam during the course
EN = évaluation non rattrapable / EN assessment : 1 compte rendu de BE / 1 Lab report

Session de rattrapage / Second session
ER : la note obtenue en session 2 remplace la note ER session normale / new examination to replace ER assessment
EN : évaluation non rattrapable / retaking EN assessment is not possible

Moyenne de l’UE / Course Unit assessment = EN 50% + ER 50%


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Course ID : 5EUS5SAC
Course language(s): FR

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J.P. Ferrieux, Alimentations a decoupage, convertisseurs a resonance : Principes, composants, modelisation

F.C. Lee, High-Frequency Resonant, Quasi-Resonant, and Multi-Resonant Converters.

S. Lefebvre, Composants a semi-conducteur pour l’electronique de puissance.

R. Perret, Environnement des composants electroniques de puissance

A. M. Trzynadlowski, Introduction to Modern Power Electronics