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Our engineering & master degrees

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Hydraulic and transferts - 4EUS3HQT

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 24.0
    • Tutorials : 18.0
    • Laboratory works : 18.0
    • Projects : -
    • Internship : -
    ECTS : 5.0
  • Officials : Nicolas BALCET


In the first part, the course presents practical approaches of the fluid mechanics conservation equations. It introduces some methods to treat pipes networks problems and trains students to solve industrial problems related to hydraulic machineries.
The second part of the course presents the theory of the transient hydraulic regimes. It sensitizes students to the problems of hydraulic instabilities and related issues.


1) Hydraulic in pressurized ducts:
o Application of integral relations (conservation of mass, momentum, and moment of momentum, generalised Bernoulli) to concrete examples
o Basic knowledge of calculations for pipe networks
o Basic knowledge of hydraulic machines: operation and inner workings
o Analysis of transient conduit flow: pressure fluctuations and water hammer

2)Flow and Transfers
o Transport phenomena of matter and energy: Convection, Diffusion, Migration
o Concept of chemical reaction: Application to combustion
o Balance sheets of material and energy
o Application to transport and energy conversion:


Fluid mechanics and Heat transfert (courses 1A)


DS and CC

CC 50% + CT 50% (présentiel ou distanciel)


The course exists in the following branches:

see the course schedule for 2021-2022

Additional Information

Course ID : 4EUS3HQT
Course language(s): FR

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1) Hydraulic

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2) Ecoulement et transferts

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Date of update February 8, 2017

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