Ense3 rubrique Formation 2022

English and Communication - 3EMAENG8

  • Number of hours

    • Lectures -
    • Projects -
    • Tutorials 52.0
    • Internship -
    • Laboratory works -
    • Written tests -


    ECTS 2.5


This course is designed to help students to do the following:

• Develop their oral and written comprehension and production skills in English
• Develop their confidence in using and communicating in English
• Professionalise their English usage and communication
• Develop their cultural and intercultural awareness
• Work towards certification of B2 level according to the CECRL


Rebecca GUY


English: oral work and public speaking, use of audio-visual aids, writing essays and summaries.

By the end of the 1A ALT English and Communication course, students should be able to:
1. Give an engaging, well-structured formal presentation with appropriate visual aids
2. Construct extended pieces of informative, argumentative and summative writing in a formal, academic/professional style, with references as appropriate
3. Accurately describe data, graphs, trends and comparisons
4. Describe objects, projects and products in physical, technical and commercial detail
5. Communicate appropriately in a professional context, both face-to-face and using telecommunications (telephoning, emailing, video conferencing)
6. Analyse individual learning preferences, and develop strategies to promote autonomous language learning


Continuous assessment only:
-Individual Presentation 15%,
-Argumentative writing 15%,
-Slam poetry project 15%
-Product Fair 20%,
-Personal Option Project 10%
-REX en anglais (exposé individuel de 20 minutes) 25%.

100% continuous assessment: there will be no re-take session.

CC 100%

The exam is given in english only FR


The course exists in the following branches:

  • Curriculum - Master of Engineering GEE - Semester 5-6 (this course is given in english only EN)
see the course schedule for 2023-2024

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Course ID : 3EMAENG8
Course language(s): FR

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