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    ECTS 2.5


Basic notions in newtonian mechanics, electromagnetism et thermodynamics

1- Mechanics : mechanics of points and solid bodies based on Newton's 2nd law

2- Electromagnetism : Maxwell equations, physical symmetries, calculation tools and methods applied to magnetic devices in electrical engineering

3- Thermodynamique : Basic concepts of thermodynamics applied to engineering. This course is an introduction to following courses on machine thermodynamics.

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1-Mecanics of solid bodies
1.1- Point mechanics
Basic assumpions in mechanics
Angular momentum, energy, force, conservation laws
1.2- Solid bodies
vector derivation, velocity field of a solid body, Newto's 2nd law for a solid body
Inertia tensor, dervation of kinetic energy, linear and angular momentum
1.3- Introduction the the mechanics of systems of solid bodies
Friction and dissipation
Power, work, theorem of kinetic energy

2- Electromagnetism :
2.1- Maxwell equations and physical symmetries (4H)
2.2- Electrostatics (2H)
2.3- Tools for the study of electromagnetic devices (8H)
2.4- Diffusion of magnetic quantities (4H)

3- Thermodynamics :
Basic definitions such as system, state, equilibrium, state function, etc.
1st and 2nd principle of thermodynamics


Basics of mathematics : linear algebra (matrices), differential equations, Taylor series, vector analysis

Laws of electromagnetism in vacuum


2h exam + assignment(s)

2/3 DS + 1/3 CC

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