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Smart Systems - 5EU9SSY1

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The development of renewable energies, electric vehicles and various storage facilities related to a desire to act in a sustainable manner brought new

challenges to traditional power systems. These networks must follow this policy while remaining economical and reliable. The purpose of the unit is to

give various insight about ICT technologies and methods that will support the development of both Smart Grids and Smart Cities.




Smart Buildings are based on home automation to reduce their consumption and increase their services.
In order to have a better understanding on industrial or new technologies and data analysis, In this course you will discover each step from how to catch physical data to how visualize and use it on home automation.
The course is composed of:

-BE: 32h (Manar Amayari):

implementation efficient algorithms for several real-life problems (Ense3 data base) such as activities recognition in smart buildings, energy disaggregation, load forecasting...using machine learning Techniques to improve the efficiency of energy management systems in smart buildings.

-Tp : 12h (Jerome ferrari):

Practical Exercises:
-2h : Discovery of a Programmable Logic Controller (KNX, reactor, IPX800) or building management system and how to control sensors and actuators
-2h: Discovery of Jeedom on a Raspberry Pi for home automation
-2h: Discovery of Lora protocol

-2h: Discovery of database and visualization of data (InfluxDB, Grafana)
Small Project:
8h:Analysis of data provided by a real home automation (ExpeSmartHouse)

BE 8h JULIEN Sebastien (ATOS)
Tp 2h JULIEN Sebastien


basic of data science

Contrôle des connaissances

Session normale / 1st session
Evaluation rattrapable (ER) / ER assessment: examen écrit de 2h / 2 hours of written exam on SCADA and Big Data courses

Session de rattrapage / 2nd session
La note obtenue remplace la note de ER. Le contrôle continu n'est pas rattrapable./ Another written exam will replace the first one (ER). No retake for EN.

EN 70% + ER 30%

L'examen existe uniquement en anglais FR


Le cours est programmé dans ces filières :

cf. l'emploi du temps 2023/2024

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Code de l'enseignement : 5EU9SSY1
Langue(s) d'enseignement : FR

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