Ense3 rubrique Formation 2022

Smart grids and buildings - Courses - Training

Students graduating from the master will receive a solid engineering know-how and gain expertise in managing the full energy chain (production, distribution, use) combined with the environmental and societal aspects. The objective is to train highlevel master students to be able to take up the challenges associated with the new energy order and landscape.

 Master 1st year :
  • Semester 7
  • Semester 8
 Master 2nd year :
  • Semester 9
  • Semester 10 : Master Thesis
This Master programme relies on the outstanding scientific and technological environment of Grenoble in the field of energy, and the cutting edge technology platforms shared with research : PREDIS and CIME.  

Training method

The teaching method is a gradual approach towards autonomy and knowledge appropriation: traditional lectures, tutorials, applying knowledge in technological platforms shared with research or software packages, multidisciplinary practical projects, visits. Our engineering training actively involves our industrial partners who often give lectures. Close relations between education, research and industry are a long Grenoble tradition. The education programme is oriented to develop the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Student coaching

A student coach will be assigned to each student during the 20 months to guide them in their knowledge, skills and know-how and by solving practical problems.

Beyong training

Students will also participate to the lively Grenoble student life. A whole variety of activities are offered by clubs and societies that allow students to take part in activities of their interests sports, sport fans (leading centre for mountain sports), into charity work (ISF/Engineers without borders)) or international relations (BEST Board of European Students of Technology), leisure activities (comics, astrology) or music.