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    • Lectures 11.0
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    ECTS 2.0


This module groups two activities: the two-phase flows and the magneto-hydropowering (object of this description). These two courses show some current challenges of the Fluid Mechanics, namely the complex flow notion involving a second gaseous phase in suspension on one handans the couplings with other phenomenon which can be thermal or electromagnetic for example on the other hand. The industrial applications of these two disciplines are numerous:- chemical engineering, electrical power plant vapor generators, high rate changers for the two-phase part, - metallurgical engineering, the materials, the future fusion reactors for the MHD part.

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The module courses are cut into two parts:

– the bubble behavior in a liquid, the liquid-vapor two-phase flows, theory, the applications and the modeling (cf.'Interfaces, inclusion dynamics and dispersed flows', 'Gas-liquid and liquid-vapor flows' for detailed contents)

  • the Magnetohydro-powering and its electromagnetic process applications such as propellers, pumps, mixers, levitators, electrical generators.


Fluid mechanics, basic physics


Examination of 2h

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Curriculum->ME->Semester 5


  • R.Moreau, « Magnetohydrodynamics », Kluwer Academic Publisher, 1990, Dordrecht (NL), 1990