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Testimonial : Anna Sawicka

Why Ense³ ?
When applying for Erasmus, I considered several localizations. Coming to study in France without sufficient ability to speak French language was a risky decision, but good opinion of the Grenoble Institute of Technology, impressive level of the development of energy industry in this country and picturesque localization of the school in the heart of French Alps made me take the challenge.
It’s impossible to put all I experienced during these 5 months in Ense³ in one-page report. Diversity of the people I met and courses I followed made this time extremely intensive.

Considering the choice of educational path, I would definitely recommend taking part in every course that contains projects: Optimization for Design of Energy Systems, Durability of Structures, Advanced CFD, Cavitation, Building Energy Efficiency. The most important is that each project is a team work, what requires cooperative abilities on one hand, but also allows to get to know people from France, China, Pakistan, Brasil, Syria, Romania, Lebanon, Belgium and so on. I have to mention how priceless facilitation for foreign students are well organized courses given in English.
Another skill I could develop at Ense³ was performing presentations : as I did not have a lot of experience with public speaking so far, the first one was extremely stressful. However, at each next we learned to choose better bibliography, make reasonable plan and to be more convincing. Finally, it became a pleasure for me to perform presentations with other students, at subjects like Thermodynamics of Machines, Urban Energetics, Numerical Simulation and Modelling of Turbulent Flows.
One drawback I would mention was working under the pressure at the end of the semester, when within three weeks period we had on the schedule 9 exams and many projects and presentations to do. With such a timetable it is not possible to avoid mistakes, imperfections or stressful misunderstandings. But maybe in hindsight, we will look at it differently in professional life.

Living in Grenoble
Last part of my memories is connected with discovering how amazing Rhône-Alpes region is. With the help of organizations such as IntEGre, Ecole de glisse des universités de Grenoble and AGERA Alliance of the Grandes Ecoles, I could enjoy cultural events, hiking trips, skiing lessons and excursions to neighboring towns. Also the residence Le Rabot where I lived is worth recommending. Although the localization at the hill of Bastille makes it isolated from the campus and inconvenient, it is a special place: with easily accessible library, well equipped gym and music room it is a really student friendly place.

Summing up, decision of spending this semester in this school, with these people, was right. This semester awakened my interest in both mechanical engineering and French culture. That is why I hope it was just the beginning of the future cooperation.
Anna Sawicka
Erasmus Exchange Student at 5th semester Mechanical & Energy Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology

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