The U!Train is coming to Grenoble!

The school will host 30 students from the 9 Unite! universities on its premises at the beginning of September as part of the hybrid intensive U!Train program led by Grenoble INP.
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The students will embark on a unique journey, starting with a train trip from their home universities to UPC in Barcelona, then continuing their journey together to Grenoble. On the way, students will participate in various non-academic activities. Once in Grenoble, the five-day program will combine morning classes with socio-cultural activities in the afternoon. The journey begins even before departure, with approximately 6 hours of online courses the previous week, providing participants with essential knowledge and skills for the upcoming program.

Throughout the program, participants will explore the themes of Green Mobility and Intercultural Competences through a blend of online learning, lectures, and practical activities. Guided by expert professors and guest speakers from Wroclaw, KTH, GINP, and UGA, this program offers a unique opportunity to acquire practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge on sustainable mobility while fostering a deeper understanding of different cultures.