January 11th, InnoEnergy Networking Lunch

Networking Lunch at ENSE3 Bridges Students, InnoEnergy Alumni, and Industry Leaders

In a culminating event before the semester draws to a close, students from ENSE3 had the unique opportunity to engage in a networking lunch with distinguished alumni from InnoEnergy.

Among the notable participants were an alumna currently contributing her expertise at Verkor, a leading player in the energy storage sector, and another alumnus immersed in groundbreaking research at the G2eLab. As the students prepared to embark on their upcoming internships, the event served as a pivotal moment for them to glean insights, advice, and firsthand experiences from those who have successfully navigated the transition from academia to industry.

The alumni shared anecdotes from their own career trajectories, offering valuable perspectives that will undoubtedly prove beneficial as the students prepare to take their first steps into the professional world.