Engineering project with Saint Joseph University

As part of the engineering projects, Professors Ahmad Hably and Hadi Kanaan from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon co-supervised an innovative project with six students from different departments.
The main aim of the six students involved in this project, Jacques Hobeika and Samir Tawil (Mechanical Engineering Department), Ivana Nassar and Oriana Eid (Civil Engineering Department), Sergio Matta and Tina Seif (Electrical Engineering Department), was to design and implement a drone capable of cleaning solar panels. Cleaning solar panels is essential for maintaining their efficiency and optimising energy production. This drone has demonstrated its ability to carry out cleaning missions successfully.

The project was structured around regular meetings held every ten days on Zoom, enabling efficient management and fluid communication. Exchanges with the PVC project at Grenoble INP - Ense³ also enriched the discussions and provided additional perspectives.

The success of this project is not limited to the creation of a drone prototype. It has enabled students to master various tools and applications, opening up opportunities for cross-fertilisation between different fields and industries. What's more, this project has a positive environmental impact by reducing the barriers to solar energy production, which could increase the popularity of solar panels and contribute to the energy transition.

This project, supervised by Professors Ahmad Hably and Hadi Kanaan, is a brilliant example of what interdisciplinary and international collaboration can achieve. Initiatives such as this encourage collaboration between local and international students, offering opportunities to acquire technical and intercultural skills that are essential in today's world.