Our engineering & master degrees
  • 360 agreements with universities all over the world
  • 25% of international students
  • 60 various nationalities
  • 4 international masters

How to apply?

Grenoble INP – Ense³, UGA has an international outlook, attracting a significant number of talented students from all over the globe each year and promoting diversity as a source of wealth and development.

Martin Mueller, German student - Exchange year:

My year in Grenoble was the best year of my studies. I got to know many friendly persons and learned lots of new things.
By following courses at Ense3, I improved my French and lived the French life. Moreover, the sports offer and Grenoble surrounding where a good way to compensate the many hours of studies! I am going to keep good memories of this year and I will come back for sure!

Coming for an internship

The 11 laboratories at Ense3 regularly host international students carrying out an internship.

f you wish to come for an internship in a laboratory, you must contact the relevant laboratory. Once accepted by the laboratory, you should complete the application form (indicating clearly your project subject and the duration) and provide supporting documents.

  • G2ELab : Electrical Engineering
  • LEGI : Fluid Mechanics and Energetics
  • Laboratoire de rhéologie et Procédés (in French only) : Materials and Flows
  • 3SR : Geomechanics, Civil Engineering and Natural Hazards
  • IGE: Environmental Geosciences
  • LEPMI : Electrochemistry and Physico- chemistry of Materials and Interfaces
  • GIPSA Lab : Images, Signal, Speech and Automatic
  • G-SCOP : Design, Optimization and production
  • SIMAP : Science and Engineering of Materials and Processes
  • GAEL: Microeconomics of sustainable innovation and consumption
  • LPSC: Laboratory of subatomic physics and cosmology
Deadline: at least two months before your arrival!

Are you a prospective intern, a Phd student or a research fellow?