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Coming to Ense3 as an exchange student


ok Do you want to study at Grenoble INP - Ense3 as an exchange student?

Please, check with your local international office that your university and Grenoble INP, UGA have an exchange agreement. If this is the case, you can find all the information about the nomination and application process here.This is managed by Grenoble INP international relations office.

Have you been nominated to Ense3 by your home university and are preparing your application?

Thank you for choosing Ense3! Below, you will find important information to help prepare your application. Please read this document carefully and do not hesitate to contact us at international.ense3@grenoble-inp.fr if you have any questions.

Academic dates 2023 2024

Provisional calendar 2023-2024 (dates to be confirmed)

Fall semester Welcome meeting August 25 
Intensive French Week August 28 to September 1
Start of classes 1st year September 1
2nd year September 4
3rd year September 18
Exams in January
End of semester end of January
Spring semester Start of classes beginning of February
End of semester beginning of June
Christmas Break December 23 to January 8


Grenoble INP offers priority housing in student residences for international students. When you submit your application to Grenoble INP, you will receive an e-mail with a link to apply for housing. Accommodation is allocated by mid-July for students applying for the autumn semester or the full year and one month before your arrival in Grenoble for students applying for the spring semester.

Accommodation prices range from €200 to €500 per month, for options ranging from 9m² bedrooms to studios, including bedrooms in shared apartments.

You can also find general information about housing on ISSO (International Student and Scholars Office) website.


At Ense3, attendance to all academic activities (lectures, exercises sessions, projects, internships, visits etc.) is mandatory. All absences should be justified. 

Language requirements

  • For classes taught in French, a minimum B1 level in French is required.
  • For classes taught in English, a minimum B1 level in English is required.

If you take courses both in English and in French, you must hold a minimum B1 level in both languages.
You will need to provide a language certificate (less than two years old) or a letter from a language professor attesting your level. 

French as a foreign language (FLE)

Students can attend French classes free of charge, as follow:
  • an intensive session (20 hours over a week) before the beginning of the autumn semester
  • two extensive sessions (2 hours / week over 10 weeks) during the autumn and the spring semesters.

These classes are included in the list of courses. You must include them in your choice of courses/ learning agreement.


You can enroll in a university sport, free of charge, for academic purposes or for leisure:
  • For academic purposes: sport must be included in your choice of courses/learning agreement. You will get a grade.
  • For leisure: sport will not be included in your choice of courses. You will not get a grade.

Buddy system

At Ense3, you can enroll in a buddy system. Buddies are a tandem of two students, one local (a mentor) and one international. Your buddy can guide you troughout student life in France by helping you discover the city, meet new people, blend into the local culture etc. After your application, you will receive an e-mail with a link to register to our buddy system.

Choose your courses

Please read the insctructions first before checking the list of available classes at the bottom.


You must choose between six tracks:
  • ASI: Automatique et Systèmes Intelligents / Automatic control and Intelligent Systems
  • HOE : Hydraulique Ouvrages et Environnement / Hydraulics, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • IEE : Ingénierie de l'Energie Electrique / Electrical Power Engineering
  • IEN : Ingénierie de l'Énergie Nucléaire / Nuclear energy engineering
  • ME : Mécanique et Energétique / Mechanical & Energy Engineering
  • SEM : Systèmes Energétiques et Marché / Energy systems and associated markets

And you must choose your courses from:
  • 2nd year level: semester 7 (autumn) and/or semester 8 (spring)
  • 3rd year level: semester 9 (autumn). There are no courses available during semester 10 (Spring) as students carry out internships.
  • 1st year can be considered on demand. Contact us at international.ense3@grenoble-inp.fr if you are considering this option.

As we are aware that your choice of classes might be limited by regulations from your home university, or language issues, we may allow you to pick one class from another track. However, this option is not recommended as it can create timetable conflicts.

Your choice must include a minimum of 15 ECTS related to engineering and a maximum of 32 ECTS.


For each program:
  •  each course that belongs to the program has half a day dedicated to lectures
  • one or several half-days are dedicated to practical sessions for all courses: there is a rotation each week

3. WHAT IS AM1, AM2, PM1, PM2 etc?

This means that the morning or afternoon is divided into two or three periods. You can therefore take a course that takes place on AM1 and AM2 but you cannot take two courses that take place on AM1 because they will be at the same time.


You will find the list of courses available to exchange students here
You can click on each course to see its description. This list is valid for 2023-2024.
Important reminder: the list of classes, and the timetable, and teaching language (French/English) might change slightly at the begining of the year.