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Challenge the Future
Engineering school in Energy, Water & environment
Challenge the Future

Welcome to Ense³ !

Owing to its outstanding scientific environment and its pioneering activities linked with hydroelectricity, Grenoble has always been in the forefront of the development of new technologies in the field of energy and water management.

Taking full advantage of this background, the Ense³ school trains high-level engineers and doctors able to take up the challenges associated with the new energy order, with the increasing demand of water, both in quantity and quality, and with the sustainable development and country planning.

Our school combines technical and scientific skills in the domains of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, civil and environmental engineering to be able to handle the full energy chain (production, distribution, usages, trading) as well as the full water cycle (harnessing, storage, supply, treatment).

Meeting the needs of research and industry

Our engineering training strongly involves our industrial partners with a large part of practical training periods taking place within the companies.

More than 10% of our master degree students carry on with a PhD taking advantage of the exceptional research environment of Grenoble with more than 750 researchers in the domains of energy and environmental sciences.

One of France's leading engineering centers

Ense³ belongs to the Grenoble Institute of Technology which is ranked among the very best Grandes Ecoles in France.

Students of a school belonging to the French network of Grandes Ecoles d'Ingénieurs are admitted only after a highly competitive exam or through a scrupulous examination of their application by a selection committee.

Written by Maxime Tran-To

Date of update September 29, 2017

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