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Our engineering & master degrees
Ecole nationale supérieure de l'Énergie, l'Eau et l'Environnement
Engineering school in energy, water and environment
Our engineering & master degrees
Our engineering & master degrees

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If you wish to apply for a scholarship in order to fund your studies, the following websites have important information about eligibility, the application process and the deadline to submit your application. It is best to apply early so that your application can be considered for the maximum number of scholarships. 

Master students
Exchange students
• IDEX (initiative d’excellence Univ.Grenoble -Alpes)
• Grenoble INP Fondation
• Campus France
• Eiffel ( only for emergent countries)
• Erasmus
• First, check with your school of origin
Scholarship available :
• Fitec
• Erasmus
• Campus France
Double degree
• UFA mobility scholarship
• Funding by private organizations, bodies or institutions.
• Financing your doctoral training

For more information about the process and scholarship opportunities:

For all type of training and level of study, consult the following websites :

  • Campus Bourse Website :  Provide information about the scholarships offered to foreign students. These scholarships come from different international and national bodies, institutions and foundation. You have the possibility to filter your search by field and level of studies, and nationality to find out the scholarship programs that apply to you
  • Foreign government scholarship programs (Ministry of education from your country of origin)
  • Tec21 PreDoc Grants : pre-doctoral scholarship program dedicated to attract brilliant students to prepare their second year of masters in one of the further education courses available in Grenoble. These scholarships amount to 8000 Euros per year.
  • CampusFrance website : to find all the funding schemes available for your course in Grenoble
  • Rhône Alpes, Eiffel and Grenoble INP Fundation Scholarships : Find a scholarship to come and study at Grenoble INP (this procedure only applies to Eiffel, IDEX or Grenoble INP Foundation scholarship programs. Campus France Master's Excellent Grants.

Date of update July 11, 2018

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