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Our engineering & master degrees

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The Grandes Écoles: Quality Engineering Education

The French "Grandes Écoles" are a system of highly selective public engineering universities authorized to deliver the prestigious "diplôme national d'ingénieur".

The "diplôme national d'ingénieur" is awarded after five years of study following the obtaining of a secondary school diploma (the Baccalauréat). The first two years are spent at preparatory classes and followed by a competitive national examination. The Engineering Degree is therefore comparable in educational advancement to a Master of Science, although it is frequently broader in scope.

The engineering "Grandes Écoles" have common and specific features:
  • small size:  at most 300 to 500 graduates per year,
  • a highly selective admission process,
  • the Grandes Écoles attract the highest ranking students

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update January 28, 2009

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