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Our engineering & master degrees
Ecole nationale supérieure de l'Énergie, l'Eau et l'Environnement
Engineering school in energy, water and environment
Our engineering & master degrees

Nuclear Energy Engineering (GEN)

Admission Requirements

  • Students having completed the 1st year of Grenoble INP - Ense3
  • Admission based on qualifications to the 2nd year (France and abroad)
  • Exchange students

Overview and Career Opportunities

Students taking this program will learn the scientific and technical skills necessary for the operation of nuclear energy production systems.  It provides a global view of the full energy conversion chain and expertise in the required complex modeling and simulation.

Engineers graduating from this program are able to:
  • Manage the operation of nuclear energy production systems over the full range of management levels
  • Audit, maintain and improve critical nuclear equipment
  • Manage research, development and innovation in the field of nuclear energy
  • Design components for nuclear steam-supply systems and for related energy conversion devices.
Associated Companies

The major companies in the nuclear power industry and the nuclear safety authorities associated with the course are EDF, Cogema, Areva, Technicatome, IRSN and Andra.


Semester 3 - Semester 4

2nd Specialization year of the Nuclear Energy Engineering Specialty / Semester 5

The semester of the second year of the Specialization under the Engineering of Nuclear Power speciality consists of a common Management and Business Studies module and 3 modules of further scientific specialization dealing with the disciplines introduced in the first year of the Specialization.  The common module deals with business law, negotiation, team management and interpersonal skills, marketing, human factors and crisis management.  The further specialization modules deal with advanced thermal hydraulics, operations and reliability, materials and the environment and reactor systems. Collectively, these modules correspond to around 400 hours of teaching (30 ECTS credits).

Master Thesis

The final semester of the Ense3 course is exclusively dedicated to the End of Studies Project.  This occurs from February to June, either overseas or in France, in a research laboratory or in industry.  This allows students to use the methods and knowledge they have acquired in a professional environment.  They will experience engineering working methods, learn how to manage a project and develop their autonomy and initiative.
The End of Studies Project also develops their sense of responsibility by submitting them to a demand for results within a pre-determined time frame.  The student engineer is required to produce a report and take a viva on their project.

Information on Available Scholarships

You can find all the funding schemes available for your course in Grenoble on the CampusFrance website.


For those requiring additional information on all the sources of academic funding, contact the Service de Coopération et d'Actions Culturelle (Cultural action and cooperation service, CSAC) of the French Embassy in your country.

Written by Corinne Pulfer

Date of update March 1, 2016

Academic Contact

For questions on the content of the courses:  Laurent Davoust

For other questions (in particular administrative matters):
International Relations Ense3



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