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Thermodynamique des machines 2 (IEN/ME/SEM/Master ENTECH)) - 5EMSABR0

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The course is mainly focused on the thermodynamics of heat-engines. The first part concerns idealized reversible and irreversible transformations and cycles. A special attention is adressed to the nature of the intrinsec irreversibilites of ideal gas and vapour cycles. Next, for each family of heat engine (gas-turbines, turbojets, internal combustion engines, steam-turbines) a brief overview is developped about the consequences of technological constraints on the effective limits of the real thermodynamic cycles. An energetic and exergetic analysis is then developed to identify performance criteria (first law and seceond law efficiencies, specific energy…) as well as possible improvement of the basic cycle.

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1) Elements of thermodynamics : first & second law, thermodynamic state functions, reversible & irreversible processes.
2) Gas-turbines
3) Turbojet
4) Internal combustion engine
5) Steam-turbines
6) Frigorific engine


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Examen session 1: examen écrit de 2h
Examen session 2: examen écrit ou oral selon effectif

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