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Our engineering & master degrees
Ecole nationale supérieure de l'Énergie, l'Eau et l'Environnement
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Our engineering & master degrees
Our engineering & master degrees

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Energy systems and associated markets - Courses

Contents and Pedagogy
This Specialization was created following a prospective study of the new energy careers likely to be required in 2010.  A series of interviews of around 20 industrial agents involved in the energy chain (from production to users) enabled identification of the need for engineers in new career types in the energy domain.  These new careers arise from two major changes: the appearance of open energy markets and increasing environmental constraints.  This Specialization is distinguished by its emphasis on the global vision of energy systems, with study not only of the technical aspects but also of the economic issues.  This Specialization deals with three aspects in particular: energy supply system design, safety issues of critical infrastructure and the processes relevant to energy markets.

Specialization structure:  (see detailed course description)
The two first semesters of the Specialization are common courses for all the students in order to establish the basic skills for each technology involved in energy systems including international regulation and the economy.
In the third semester (semester 5 of the overall program) students choose from a range of modules to target a specific career direction.  These choices are between careers concerning the integration of energy systems, information management in such systems or energy financial markets.  An option for careers concerning research is also possible in conjunction with different Master Recherche including the New Energy Technology Master.
Each student's individual program will be developed based on his or her personal abilities and interests under the guidance of a project supervisor.  This Specialization revolves around 4 skill domains:
  • Energy technology and sciences
  • Economics and regulation of energy markets
  • Societal and environmental aspects
  • Business studies and personal development
More than half of the courses deal with technical abilities covering the full range of energy domains.  The economic aspects specific to energy constitutes around a quarter of the courses.  The pedagogical methods involve a progressively increasing emphasis on autonomy and self development: traditional lectures, application of skills to technological platforms and software packages, multi-disciplinary projects.

Date of update July 23, 2009

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