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Convection (IEN/ME) - 5EMGAAI0

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    ECTS 2.0


Controlling fluid flows with heat transfer is essential for designing and optimizing efficient systems and requires a good understanding of the phenomena and their modelling. The purpose of the present course is to facilitate the approach to the problems of convective heat transfer.

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Introduction and concepts: Governing equations, transport of momentum, enthalpy and entropy.
Laminar boundary layers with heat transfer: Boundary layer approximations, scale analysis, asymptotic analysis at small and large Prandtl numbers, similarity solutions, von Karman integral equations, effects of adverse pressure gradient, Falkner-Skan flows, non-dimensional analysis and fundamental non-dimensional numbers governing the heat, mass and momentum transfer.
Heat transfer in internal flows: Fully developed heat transfer in ducts subject to either constant wall temperature or constant wall flux, concept of hydraulic and thermal development length.
Buoyancy driven flows: Boussinesq approximation, similarity and integral solutions in buoyancy driven flows, stratification, natural convection combined with forced convection, condensation.
Turbulence: Wall turbulence, multi-layer approach, distribution of temperature and velocity, turbulent boundary layers with heat transfer, mixing length and eddy viscosity closures.
Turbulent free shear layers: Plane and round turbulent jets, turbulent mixing layers, turbulent thermal wakes, turbulent plumes.
Mass transfer: basic equations, mass transfer in laminar and turbulent flows, mass transfer and chemical reactions.
Heat exchangers: Basic concepts and design.


Advanced fluid dynamics


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Curriculum->IEN->Semester 5
Curriculum->ME->Semester 5


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